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  • Are your products good for kids?
    I take time to make sure my products are as sturdy as they can be, meaning no pieces will fall off. That being said most of the tack pieces I sell are rather small and can pose as a choking hazard to younger kids if put in their mouth. Sewn products such as my blankets will be able to handle any play thrown at them!
  • How do I know if a product will fit my model?
    All premade items are shown on the molds they were made for in the photos. Model horses tend to have relativley similar sizes meaning most of my products will fit a wide range of horses! I put in the titles of my listings what scale a piece of tack is made for (Traditional, Classic, Schleich, Stablemate, etc.). Each restock I have will feature a wide range of different sizes so there is always something for every pony! For custom orders I use Identify YourBreyer for generic mold names so I can ensure that your tack set will fit perfectly on the model you're ordering for!
  • What is the quality of your produt?
    I take great pride in my products that I sell and I spend hours ensuring that everything is perfect! I do a thorough quality check of each tack piece before it leaves my work space to embark on its adventure to its new home. While I don't promise Live Show Quality on every single product, everything I make is made to look as realistic as possible.
  • Your commissions are full... Now what?
    Commissions take quite a bit of time with an average processing time of up to three weeks for blankets. I only open a few commission slots a month and won't open any new ones until the commissions I have currently are finished. There will be times when I cannot open commissions as I'm too busy but if you sign up for my newsletter you will be alerted as soon as I have a date for the next time commissions will be open!
  • Why this price?
    I have been making model horse tack since 2013 and through the years I worked to perfect my craft! I take great pride in the products that I sell and price them accordingly based upon material cost and how much time I put into them. I have products that range greatly in price so there is always something for everyone!
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